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a holistic hub for yoga teachers who are also coaches, therapists, or space holders seeking to expand their skills and deepen their impact. As a business focused on the fusion of both yoga and psychology, we understand the unique journey that you are on and the interests, skills, and support you may wish to develop.

Whether you're looking to;

  • Enhance your yoga teaching with therapeutic approaches,
  • Integrate coaching techniques into your therapy practice,
  • Or create a safe and nurturing space for holistic well-being, we have a range of tailored offerings to support your growth.

From trauma-informed training and our accredited Holistic Compassionate Coaching Certification to individual mentorship programs and continued education courses, we provide a comprehensive platform to empower you on your path.

Join our vibrant community of multidimensional practitioners and unlock your full potential as a compassionate guide, skilled facilitator, and transformative presence. Together, let's create a profound and lasting impact on the lives we touch.

Discover an effective, FREE compassion focused framework so that you can confidently, safely and ethically guide your clients without the risk of re-traumatisation.

The Heart-Centered Coach: 6 Essential Tools For Safe, Transformative Client Sessions

Access your FREE, 7 video MINI TRAINING on compassion focused care, featuring our unique 6 pillar approach to coaching. Learn specific tools, concepts, and ways to become more intentional about holding space through the lens of compassion and reduce the risk of re-traumatizing your clients.

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❝ Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive.❞

~ His Holiness, The Dalai Lama

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Learning The Art of Self Regulation

Baseline is built on a practical foundation of psychoeducation, polyvagal theory, somatic techniques, yoga, mindfulness, meditation, and cognitive tools. Self-regulation is a skill that can be learned and practiced, regardless of who you are, or what you have experienced in your life. A 7-week online self paced program designed to teach you effective tools which will help understand, and regulate your nervous system during times of stress, panic, or shutdown. 

Suitable for individuals, mental health professionals and yoga teachers seeking a deeper understanding of the nervous system (obtain 8.5 CE points toward your Yoga Alliance membership if you are RYT).


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Trauma Informed Certification in Holistic Compassion Focused Coaching

Ethical Hearts, Lasting Impact

A live, in-depth 6 month online coaching qualification - accredited by the EMCC. Designed for space holders who long to become trauma informed and operate with more confidence and greater compassion. Acquire a myriad of tools and skills to empower you as a professional to work with your clients through a true, compassion-centered approach.

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Yoga For Resilience

CE Teacher Training

Supporting Your Students Mental Wellbeing

A self paced, 9 module online certified CE course for yoga teachers who want to deepen their understanding of the nervous system and in particular - stress and anxiety. Learn how to nurture the nervous system via a therapeutic polyvagal approach alongside practical tools, techniques to support your students to foster greater resilience both on and off the mat. An essential foundational course for any yoga teacher seeking to work with mental well-being.


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Trauma Informed Yoga

CE Teacher Training

Responsible Teaching, Empowered Healing

A self paced, 10 module online certified CE course designed to equip yoga teachers with the knowledge, skills, and sensitivity needed to create safe and healing spaces for individuals who have experienced trauma. Understanding the impact of trauma on the body and mind is crucial for yoga teachers, as it allows for the creation of inclusive and empowering classes that support the healing process. By becoming trauma informed, you will learn trauma-sensitive approaches, gain tools to create a nurturing environment, and deepen your understanding of the mind-body connection.

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Mentoring or Supervision

Elevate & Nurture Your Practice

Here at TSI we offer individual mentoring or supervision support to both yoga teachers and coaches or therapists.We believe that regular mentoring is a necessary component of a thriving practice, an ethical approach, and in maintaining the well-being of you - the space holder. Mentoring provides professionals with ongoing support with furthering one’s knowledge, navigating best practice in business, aiding with difficult client cases, troubleshooting, and in preventing burnout or compassion fatigue. You can explore our mentoring options below to see if it feels like a fit for you.

Mentoring For Yoga Teachers
For Coaches or Therapists
Professional Mentoring & Supervision

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