The Heart-Centered Coach: 6 Essential Tools For Safe, Transformative Client Sessions

Discover an effective, compassion focused framework so that you can confidently, safely and ethically guide your clients without the risk of re-traumatisation.

If you are a heart-centered coach (or want to become one), you probably already know how much the process of “healing” involves the unraveling of many, many layers of discomfort, resistance, big emotions, and oftentimes trauma.

Unfortunately, despite best intentions, many coaches we mentor struggle with their confidence in safely guiding their clients through these experiences. They aren’t trauma informed, they don’t have enough of a variety of tools to confidently navigate whichever direction their client session may go, they freeze or freak out whenever big emotions rise to the surface, and they tend to want to “fix” their clients rather than trusting that their client is the expert of their own lives.

They haven’t learned how to embody true compassion to guide them back to their own inner knowing. 

That’s why we decided to create this free training highlighting 6 key skills and attributes which I think all coaches and space holders need to consider, practice, and develop in order to have greater confidence in themselves, to operate their sessions ethically, responsibly, and safely, and to ultimately have more profound and long lasting transformations for their clients.


What Students Are Saying:

Not just another 'fluff' training which people give away for free. I love the way you explain things and the simplicity of the concepts. Am already journaling on those reflection questions! Thank you.

Kelly, T. London, UK.

As an addiction coach this training gave me so much insight on how to effectively and safely navigate big emotions in a compassionate way. I found it very helpful. Thank you.

Justin, C. Bali, Indonesia.

Thank you!! So much self reflection to do now that I have completed this training. I appreciate the journal questions you include - it really got me thinking on how I can best support and serve my clients.

Sarah, B. Arizona


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