Professional Mentoring & Supervision 

If you are a coach, yoga teacher, therapist or recent graduate from our Certification in Compassion Focused Coaching, you may be seeking ongoing support in the form of mentoring and supervision to expand your knowledge, skillset, and capacity for safe space holding.

As professionals who work with the depth and intricacy of client emotion, it's important to have a space where we too can reflect, integrate, learn, and share challenging client cases. Having regular mentoring and supervision is an ethical requirement which ensures that you are showing up personally and professionally to the best of your ability. 

Nikki Heyder offers bespoke, individualized mentoring & supervision assisting her mentees with:

  • Psychotherapy around personal issues and blockages
  • Psychotherapy around professional issues and blockages
  • Reviewing and supporting on challenging client cases
  • Additional training within areas such as somatic exploration, mindfulness practices, cognitive restructuring, parts work, and cultivating self compassion
  • Trauma informed awareness and best practice
  • Business planning inclusive of reviewing content, assisting with idea generation, launch planning and attracting new clients
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Nikki only works with a small number of mentees per year who commit to a 3 month mentoring framework.

Each month comprises 2 x 1.5 hour live online mentoring sessions ($300 each) plus ongoing support via email and Whatsapp during weekdays (9am to 5pm GMT+8) to review, check in, and integrate the live sessions ($750).

The investment: $4,050 USD for 3 months to be paid up front, or per month ($1350 USD monthly)